Dining at Krishna Restaurant

Our chefs have endeavoured to stay true to the actual rigin of each dish, honestly recreating flavours that one would normally associate only with home cooked food . We bring authentic Indian cuisine in a setting that is unabashedly Indian.Dining in the Indian sub-continent is a very special affair.Diversity is synonymous with India and its cuisines are no exception.Given the course of its checkered history , India has absorbed many culinary influences that have evolved over 5,000 years resulting in the sheer diversity of cuisines and cooking styles many more than one would encounter in all of India combined. Test your taste buds as we embark upon this gastronomical adventure discovering the most delicious and varied cuisines from all over India North, South, East & West.

A typical North Indian meal would consist of chappatis, parantha or pooris (unleavened flat breads), pilafs, dals, curries that are mild and made in ghee, thick, creamy dals, vegetables seasoned with yogurt or pomegranate powder, lots of greens like spinach and mustard greens cooked with paneer, north Indian pickles, fresh tomato, mint, cilantro chutneys and yogurt raitas. Hot, sweet cardamom milk is very common before going to bed. North Indian desserts and sweets are made of milk, paneer, lentil flour and wheat flour combined with dried nuts and garnished with a thin sheet of pure silver. Nimbu Pani (lemon drink), Lassi (iced buttermilk) are popular drinks of the North.Tandoori cooking is a north Indian specialty and famous the world over.